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Explore the best handmade Tuxedo from No.33:

We make the best custom tuxedos!!

What to expect from us?

  • Excellent style consultation:
    To achieve the perfect appearance, enlist the help of our fashion advisers.

  • Analyze your size:
    Our professional will take measurements within minutes to determine your proper attire sizes.


  • Suitable fit:
    Take measurements and try one of our tuxedos for the best fit. And try on a few of our ties, tuxedos, and accessories to feel the fabrics and compare the hues.


Our men’s tuxedos are available for:

Our tuxedos Orange County provide countless incredible alternatives for the interior of your jacket. You can even make amazing bespoke liners if you want to go further. Whether it is images, a logo, or a pattern, we will assist you with creating your distinctive liner. We have worked with clients to design some linings that are simply amazing and elevate the suit. We customize according to your events:


  • Weddings

  • Evening out

  • Homecoming

  • Music groups

  • Birthdays

  • Prom

  • Church groups

  • Formal events and more


Why choose us?

  • Customized buttons:
    Add a wide range of buttons made of materials including horn, mother of pearl, corozo, satin, and more to complement your outfit.


  • Options for a custom trim:
    Obtain your desired outcome. Details are crucial when creating a tailored outfit. Lapels, pockets, pictorial stitching, contrasting thread colors, embroidery, linings, and more can all be chosen.


  • We give high-quality fabrics:
    We provide linen, silk, cotton, and performance blends in addition to most textiles made entirely of wool. Since you want to be able to wear your suit or shirt for many years to come, we only provide premium fabrics. We will inform you about the many available materials based on your style and spending limit.


Contact us:

We work with you to create fantastic designs with the assistance of our skilled tailors to provide the ideal Tuxedos for any occasion. Call 213-943-3303 or email us for the high-quality custom tuxedos.

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