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Get 100% high-quality custom suits from No.33:

Our goal is to provide excellent and high-quality custom apparel. We set out to strip custom tailoring of its false veneer of luxury and return it to its basic function. Our custom suits are expertly crafted from the finest fabrics, and real designers cut and styled them. We omit the superfluous information and focus on these three elements. Every one of our custom suits is built from the ground up with an awareness of design. The best hand tailoring and expensive materials sometimes guarantee a fantastic custom suit. Our designer’s job is to transform the basic materials into clothing that suits your needs, fashion sense, and body type.

Our goal for you:

No.33 wishes to give you online access to modern design, traditional tailoring, and affordable pricing. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little assistance along the road, our suits Orange County aim to give you truly unique clothing that will make you look and feel fantastic.

During our thorough fitting process, we can capture all of your measurements. And we can collaborate with you to design customized garments that reflect your unique style.  

Our talented tailors and pattern-making masters have been making clothes for clients on demand for more years with excellent experience. Your creations will be made entirely from scratch using your body measurements.

What makes us the best custom suit makers?

  • A tailor’s and designer’s understanding of the fabric:

    Fabric and trim, including linings, thread, canvas, felt, cotton padding, and other materials, serve as the foundation for truly excellent bespoke clothing if the hand skills of exceptional tailoring serve as the engineering. The appearance of cloth is just the tip of the iceberg. Only our custom tailor orange county can determine how well a fabric fits, its hand, weave, what gauge needle to use, and what thread to match it

  • Best standard ways of tailoring:

    The engineering of an excellent suit is tailoring. A good bespoke suit is observable, apparent, and quantifiable. A perfect stitch tension, pattern matching, and clear, straight lines, among other things. We have an excellent history of skilled tailors passing on their expertise and ancestry in tailoring.

Contact us:

Our designer is skilled in creating the most flattering men’s suits by designing them around a client’s body type, features, and personal style. So, contact us by phone 213-943-3303 or email to order the best-tailored outfits for your events.

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